Analytics Page Sections | Switch in a wink!

The AmpleSwap Analytics page is divided into three sections:

AmpleSwap Info & Analytics | Monitor AmpleSwap Volumes!

Wow! These demonstrative graphs of AmpleSwap Liquidity and Volume are brights and accurate! You can easily point to any part of the violet or pink graphs and find out the progress depending on a certain date.

The TOP Tokens & Your Watchlist on AmpleSwap!

There are over 60 tokens on AmpleSwap DEX! You might say this is not easy to see their price changes, volume 24h, and liquidity, at the same time, but that’s possible on the Analytics page on AmpleSwap!

TOP AmpleSwap Pairs are Ready for Monitoring!

See high APR on the liquidity pools along with LP reward fees 24H, Volume 24H, 7D, and general liquidity!



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